"Soaring Creativity - O2O Hong Kong Pavilion 2022" Industry Briefing
日期: 2022-05-11
Co-organized by the Hong Kong Publishing Federation and the Hong Kong Printers Association, and sponsored by Create Hong Kong, Soaring Creativity – O2O Hong Kong Pavilion 2022 will participate in two major international book fairs this year, which are “South China Book Festival” (19 – 28 August 2022) and the "Beijing International Book Fair"*. With the theme of "Read。Cherish Hong Kong", it demonstrates the creative achievements of Hong Kong's publishing and printing industries and helps the industries to explore business opportunities.

An industry briefing was held on 11 May 2022, to explain the exhibition arrangement, registration, matters needing attention, and to answer inquiries. The organizing committee Chairman, Ms. Terri Chan (Vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Publishing Federation), and the Vice-chairman, Mr. Matthew Yum (Vice-chairman of the Hong Kong Printers Association), together with the representative of the Executive Agency gave a detailed introduction to the project characteristics and arrangement.

*Originally scheduled from 25 to 28 August 2022, it has been postponed until further notice.