2023 FBF Hong Kong Pavilion
日期: 2023-10-18
“Hong Kong Pavilion” Embracing the Highest Number of Exhibitors to Shine at the World's Largest Book Fair
Unveiling a New Chapter in Hong Kong's Publishing and Printing Industry's Creativity with the Application of Artificial Intelligence

[Frankfurt, Germany -- 18 October 2023] The “Soaring Creativity - Hong Kong Pavilion” is jointly organized by Hong Kong Publishing Federation and The Hong Kong Printers Association, under the sponsorship by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (HKSAR) and support by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Berlin, to set up “Hong Kong Pavilion” for the tenth time in the Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF) from 18 to 22 October 2023. At the launch cocktail party of Hong Kong Pavilion at FBF held on 18 October, the organizers were honoured to have Mrs Lowell Cho, Assistant Head of CreateHK, Representative of China Delegation (TBC), Ms Jenny Szeto, Director of Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Berlin, Ms Claudia Kaiser, Vice President of Business Development of Frankfurt Book Fair as the officiating guests. They were joined representatives of the organizers, including Mr Matthew Yum, Chairman of “Soaring Creativity – Hong Kong Pavilion 2023” Organizing Committee, Mr Peter Lau, Chairman of “Hong Kong Pavilion” in the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023, and Ms Sharon Wong, Vice Chairlady of “Hong Kong Pavilion’ in the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023.

Speaking at the Launch Cocktail Party, Mr Matthew Yum expressed gratitude to CreateHK for the sponsorship and to all the exhibitors and supporting organizations for their support. He emphasized the significance of “Hong Kong Pavilion” as a valuable platform for Hong Kong publishers and printers to showcase their creative achievements to the world. With the theme “Hong Kong: Our Narrative” this year, “Hong Kong Pavilion” highlighted the continuous innovative achievements proudly shared by Hong Kong publishers and printers despite experiencing pandemic-related challenges. He also hoped all exhibitors could achieve fruitful business results through this distinguished cultural gathering.

Mrs Lowell Cho, Assistant Head of CreateHK, thanked Hong Kong Publishing Federation and The Hong Kong Printers Association for co-organizing the “Hong Kong Pavilion” at the FBF again, to promote the creative achievements of Hong Kong’s printing and publishing industry globally.

Showcasing a Variety of Outstanding Works and Gaining Reputation through the Integration of Technology
This year marks the much-anticipated return of “Hong Kong Pavilion” to the FBF after the pandemic. It has received a record-high participation rate with more than 80 participating Hong Kong publishers, printers and electronic publishers. The size of the “Hong Kong Pavilion” has expanded by 50% as compared to the previous ones. Despite the challenges in recent years, Hong Kong’s publishing and printing industry has grasped the opportunities and has achieved notable success with the mentality of constantly seeking changes.

Setting up at the world’s largest book fair and copyright trading platform, the “Hong Kong Pavilion” showcases over 1200 excellent publications, printing materials, and multimedia publications from Hong Kong in three main exhibition areas: “Industrial Zone”, “Corporate Zone”, and “Recognition & Achievement Zone” in both online virtual and physical formats. The “Recognition & Achievement Zone” features Hong Kong’s influential publications and printed materials that have won prestigious local and international awards, such as “Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards”, “China Print Awards”, and “Gold Ink Awards”.In addition, the “Recognition & Achievement Zone” also displays the award-winning works of “The Next Writer Publication Funding Scheme” and “Hong Kong Digital Advertising Start-ups X Publishing (Writers) Promotion Support Scheme”, which were also sponsored by CreateHK, to promote the growth and visibility of emerging writers in Hong Kong, . Visitors and industry peers are able to deeply understand the innovative spirit and solid foundation of Hong Kong’s publishing and printing industry, which has thrived for over a century.

With the advancement of technology, the application of artificial intelligence in various fields is becoming increasingly prominent. Hong Kong publishers and printers have embraced the trend of utilizing cutting-edge technology to explore future market opportunities and showcasing their achievements that contribute to the industry’s future development through “Hong Kong Pavilion”. To echo the industry’s recent trend of integrating creativity and technology, the organizers of “Hong Kong Pavilion” also showcased a promotional video at the Launch Cocktail Party, featuring an AI-generated host to introduce and promote the “Hong Kong Pavilion”. In the video, the AI-generated host interviewed some speakers who will participate in the sharing sessions at “Hong Kong Pavilion” to enhance visitors’ impression of the industry’s latest trend.

Another highlight of the “Hong Kong Pavilion” in the FBF this year is the introduction to the “Publishing 3.0 - Hong Kong Smart e-Book Hub” (Publishing 3.0) project. It is organized by Hong Kong Publishing Federation, sponsored by CreateHK and co-developed by Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre various institutions. Publishers can utilize the “e-Book Publishing Conversion Platform” of the project to convert Chinese printed publications into e-bookstand initial drafts in English in a shorter time by using artificial intelligence (AI). Through the “Text-to-Speech” technology provided by the platform, these e-books can be further converted into audiobooks in Cantonese, Putonghua and English.

The “Publishing 3.0” will promote its first collection of “Hong Kong Smart e-Book Hub” in the FBF to foster international copyright trading. Interested parties can read and listen the sample chapters of the books featured in the “Hong Kong Smart e-Book Hub” for free in e-book and audiobook versions. The promotion of the Publishing 3.0” in the FBF can help further develop Hong Kong into a regional centre for e-book and audiobook copyright trading.

This year, “Hong Kong Pavilion” is also applying the “Text-to-Speech” technology on the online virtual pavilion to introduce some selected exhibits with audio descriptions generated by AI in Cantonese, Putonghua and English. This allows online and offline visitors to experience the state-of-the-art technology being employed by Hong Kong publishers in digital transformation, with a view to attracting more collaboration with global publishers in producing audiobooks using AI.

Representatives Share New Trends of the Industry via Exciting Activities to Foster Cultural Exchange,
Since 2011, the “Soaring Creativity - Hong Kong Pavilion” project has been actively participating in various international book fairs to showcase the creative achievements of Hong Kong’s publishers and printers. The cultural exchange activities held in the “Hong Kong Pavilion” at these international book fairs in recent years share with global visitors the unique cultural aspects of Hong Kong and provide opportunities for Hong Kong and international industry professionals to carry out in-depth communications. The “Hong Kong Pavilion” set up at this year’s FBF was met with enthusiastic responses from Hong Kong’s printing and publishing industry, reflecting their desire for offline exchanges and collaboration opportunities with overseas counterparts, in particular in the post-pandemic era.

To foster more cultural exchanges the "Hong Kong Pavilion" in the FBF invited four speakers from publishing and printing industry to host a total of four sharing sessions. The first session will be hosted by Mr Deson Wu, the Best Publishing Award winner of the 4th Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards in the Social Science category, who will speak on the topic "The Ever-evolving Elevated City" on 19 October and share his experience in writing his award-winning book.

The second sharing session will be conducted also on 19 October by three representatives from the printing industry, Mr Matthew Yum, Executive Chairman of Hung Hing Printing Group and Ms Emily Yan, Business Development Manager of Wing Hing Tong Printing as speakers, along with Mr Peter Lau, Managing Director of Asia One Printing Limited as the facilitator. They will share their views on “Thriving amidst Uncertainty: Strategies for Long-Term Success in Printing and Publishing”.

The last two sessions will be conducted by Dr Sharon Wong, Executive Director of Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society, on 20 and 21 October under the theme “Hong Kong Smart e-Book Hub”, Inviting Everyone to “Explore Hong Kong through Reading”. Mr. Deson Wu, who benefits from the “Publishing 3.0 – Hong Kong Smart e-Book Hub”, will join Dr. Wong in one of the sessions on 20 October.

To extend the cultural exchange between Hong Kong and Germany, the organizers of “Soaring Creativity – Hong Kong Pavilion” project will donate selected exhibits of the "Hong Kong Pavilion" to International Youth Library after the FBF concluded. A book donation ceremony was held during the Launch Cocktail Party of the "Hong Kong Pavilion", with Ms Lucia Obi representing International Youth Library to receive the donation.